Second Time Around

Antwerp, Act II

I enjoyed being in Antwerp so much, I came back. Just a few of the memories, expressions, and excerpts that will put a smile on my face for days to come:

At De Muze over scotch, la chouffe, and amaretto with a Dutch girl and Belgian man
Gerraldine: What you see is what you get, you know, like in Rome. There’s so much history. And the buildings. The buildings! How can you go to Rome and not like it??
5 minutes later…
Gerraldine: Oh, no I’ve never been to Rome.

Gerraldine: So, is it bad if you do it like every 6 months?
Gerraldine: Oh, ok, well I only do it twice a year. Anyway, come to Arnhem. I love Arnhem!!

At home with a Belgian man and a very, very old Frenchman over warm vanilla pudding with cherries
Timur: Guess his age. Everyone usually guesses he is much younger than his age.
Me: Ehhhhhhh (struggling; several factors confound one another–his hair, his attire, the way he carries himself, facial features)
Me: 44
Timur bursts into laughter
Timur: Wow. You are the first person to guess older. Way older. 44. WOW.
Loic: I officially ate you.
Turns out he’s actually 37 and that women are not the only one who are sensitive to the guess-my-age game. Whoopsie.

Timur: Meet Haye (pronounced hiya)
Me: Oh. Hi…ya…(thinking am I the only person who finds this amusing?)
Haye: Have you seen the meme on Asian aging??

Dutch friend on a bike, Hettie:
Hettie: And do what you got to do.

And the expression that started it all:
Lena: Timur, do your dream.

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