‘Garden of Plants’

Refers to the gardens surrounding Marie Antoinette’s favorite place to stay within the Chateau de Versailles: the Petit Trianon. The gardens are calm and quaint and the air noticeably crisp even if only 40 minutes from the City of Lights.

The grapes were tart, incredibly juicy, and a deep purple inside.

I had a brief moment where I wondered if these would turn out to be ‘the wrong berries’ a la Into the Wild, but figured if it was good enough for Marie Antoinette, I’d really be just fine. Also, the stick of butter in the croissant (or sandwich or anything really) I had eaten earlier would probably temper any poison in a few grapes.


There was also this crazy swan coming right for me at the Tower of Love.

And in the spirit of fall…Pumpkins!!