What is Art? What is Crazy?

These are questions that surfaced throughout my time spent in Belgium, starting at the Dr. Guislain Museum in Ghent and continued through my stay in Antwerp. The Dr. Guislain museum is located north of Ghent’s city centre and is the site of Belgium’s oldest psychiatric hospital. 

The museum is featuring an exhibit, In All States, that goes hand in hand with their permanent collection, with paintings and installations showing man in all states and forms. Confronted with pieces covering death, religion, war, disease, and sexuality naturally prompts questions of humanity, sexuality, beauty, and man’s draw toward destruction, brutality, and self-preservation as well as to empathy and capacity for love. Meanwhile, the permanent collection, to use the phrase in the broadest sense, encompasses preserved rooms, instruments, measurement equipment, machines, as well as works from psych patients who stayed in the hospital. 

Ronald Ophius

Latrine, Poland, 1944.

Richard Avedon

Sophie Muller

Jacob Dahlgren

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Sophie Kuijken

Diane Arbus

Gideon Kiefer


Petit Pierre Huizen