‘Holland is cute. Girls like cute, right?’

Belgium, particularly Ghent, is cuter. Picturesque without being scrubbed clean like Bruges, Ghent is full of charming streets, scenic canals, and preserved medieval-looking neighborhoods and villages–and the best frites are outside the old meat market.

Meandering towards the city centre, I came across St. Pieter’s abbey, a refreshingly green and small space with apple trees and a tiny vineyard (though Belgian soil is not known for wine, though I guess they still keep trying).

Grey skies and Gothic churches.

Cobblestones for days–until you break your feet–in Patershol

The owners of Wasbar, a laundromat bar were tired of waiting for their laundry with little to do on the South side of the city. Live music Fridays. 

Fresh paint on their graffiti street.