Berlin Comes Alive

Actually, Berlin, in and of itself, is alive. Within 30 seconds of taking the S-bahn from Hauptbahnhof towards Friedrichshain, I knew Berlin would be a gem. A hot-bed of creativity, music, art, startups with an active… Continue reading



Galerie Hammer

Helene de Beauvoir


Two hours northeast of Munich, located on the banks of the Danube.

Second Time Around

Antwerp, Act II I enjoyed being in Antwerp so much, I came back. Just a few of the memories, expressions, and excerpts that will put a smile on my face for days to… Continue reading

‘Garden of Plants’

Refers to the gardens surrounding Marie Antoinette’s favorite place to stay within the Chateau de Versailles: the Petit Trianon. The gardens are calm and quaint and the air noticeably crisp even if only… Continue reading


Louis Vuitton

‘I Give What I Love’

I believe most people do. In this context, it was chocolate–Cote D’or milk chocolate from Belgium, to be precise. Within 10 minutes of arriving in Antwerp, I found myself with a cup of… Continue reading

What is Art? What is Crazy?

These are questions that surfaced throughout my time spent in Belgium, starting at the Dr. Guislain Museum in Ghent and continued through my stay in Antwerp. The Dr. Guislain museum is located north of… Continue reading


‘Holland is cute. Girls like cute, right?’ Belgium, particularly Ghent, is cuter. Picturesque without being scrubbed clean like Bruges, Ghent is full of charming streets, scenic canals, and preserved medieval-looking neighborhoods and villages–and… Continue reading